Monday, 23 January 2017

PowToon: An Interactive Presentation Tool

I enjoyed using PowToon in technology class today and feel that it could be a great way to enhance classroom activities and projects using technology. PowToon is an interactive way for users to make animated video slideshows to share information on a topic. Thinking about my own future class, I will be excited to incorporate this resource into my planning as it could contribute to enhancing gamification within a classroom setting. PowToon has many tools that I feel can be used to create engaging videos that capture student’s attention and motivate them as they engage with a topic. Creating animated videos has the potential to make teaching curriculum content more engaging and meaningful than a typical slideshow lesson.

PowToon is also a useful resource to introduce to your students as they complete projects and assignments. It provides students with a unique forum to present their ideas in a creative way. When using this resource with your students I think it would be important to start off with an introductory lesson so that students can explore the site and have a better idea of how they can use the resource effectively. By taking the time to let students explore and get used to the site it will lead to a more productive and meaningful use of site.

The following is a brief introduction to PowToon and some of the unique features that it offers it's users. 

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