GH Intro

Genius Hour Introduction 

This is my genius hour introduction slideshow that I made using PowToon. This slideshow briefly outlines what genius hour is and some of the benefits that it can bring to students. I found that PowToon was a great tool to display this information and I can see it being an effective way for students to organize and present the data that they collect during their own genius hour projects. 

PowToon offered many unique ways to present information including various graphics, effects, music, and voiceovers options. Presenting information using PowToon may be an appealing option for students who do not like presenting in front of the class. Using the voiceover feature, students have the opportunity to explain the information they have gathered in a more comfortable setting. I can also see myself using PowToon to present information to my own students. This would make material more engaging and interactive for my students as well as contribute to the gamification of the classroom environment. 

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