GH Ted Talk

It is bitter sweet to be sharing my Genius Hour Ted Talk with you as this means that the project is coming to a close. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to complete my own Genius Hour project, and I am now more excited than ever to be able to guide my future students through their own Genius Hour projects one day.

The process of making this Ted Talk ended up being very valuable for me. This was a good way to collect all my thoughts and summarize my experience with Genius Hour. Creating this Ted Talk also encouraged personal reflection about how I have progressed through the project. I can see this tool being used effectively in a classroom setting as another forum for students to showcase their learning.

I hope you enjoy my Ted Talk!


  1. Erica,
    your TedTalk is great - it really describes your Genius Hour topic and the reasons that you have chosen your topic. Baking is a fun activity and I can tell how much you have learned over the 8 week process. It is also great to see you reflect on your learning, as this is an effective way to develop as a teacher and you model it well in this video.
    Overall, awesome job!

  2. Erica,
    I really enjoyed how you described your Genius Hour idea and why you chose to pursue this passion. I loved following your baking projects throughout the course and this was a great summary of all of your hard work. I think this will be a great model to use in your teaching endeavours, and could be a great way for students to engage in the french language !!

  3. I enjoyed watching your Ted Talk! I like that you described the Genius Hour, as well as what you learned about being part of the Genius Hour process. I love the idea of Genius Hour, and would also hope to incorporate it in my future class. I am going to have to check out your pinterest board for some recipes! I enjoyed following what you baked each week, your creations always looked so delicious!

  4. Erica,

    I like the personal connection and memories that led to you choosing this topic for your Genius Hour Project - it's clearly a passion of yours, and very delicious! Your Ted Talk was well polished: you spoke very clearly and laid out your speaking points in an organized way. Great work, I enjoyed seeing your progress throughout this journey!

  5. Hi Erica,
    Great TedTalk! Explaining the genius hour project and experience is really helpful to understand the concerns teachers may have by implementing an assignment like this. Paired with your personal experience, this TedTalk really describes the benefits of genius hour projects no matter these concerns. Awesome reflections from this project and I hope students learn the same sort of lessons and qualities about themselves. You really nailed the purpose and benefits of genius hour and make me even more excited to try this process with my students!
    Great job!