GH Movie Trailer

Baking Beauty

I created the below movie trailer for my genius hour project using iMovie. When I found out that we would be making movie trailers to showcase our genius hour projects I have to admit that I felt a little nervous. Not only are my tech and movie making skills very basic, but I also do not particularly like being on camera.

I started to explore the trailer templates that iMovie offers and slowly my nerves started to calm. I realized that iMovie had made the movie making process very user friendly. I chose a template I liked and from there I just had to add in text and video clips…iMovie took care of the rest. After exploring the trailer templates and sharing ideas with my peers, I decided on a theme for my trailer… Fairytale. From there, I started following the template provided by writing a script and deciding on what clips I wanted in my movie.  After filling in the template with text, I had someone record me so that I could start filling in my video clips. This process could not have been easier!!

In the end, I actually ended up having fun with the whole process. It was cool to be able to create my own trailer with the help of such a user-friendly program. It was also quite funny creating the clips and we definitely got a laugh out of the end result.

After having completed this portion of my genius hour project I am so excited to one day have my students complete genius hour projects of their own. I would love to be able to implement the movie trailer extension into the project as well! This experience was engaging and valuable. Furthermore, it allowed us as students to tap into the creative process and take agency over our own learning. I can see using software such as iMovie as a tool in my own classroom during genius hour and other projects as it provides a unique forum for students to be able to demonstrate their learning. I would encourage you to try iMovie out for yourselves! Also, feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on my movie trailer and genius hour project this far.

Thanks for watching!!


  1. I really enjoyed your Movie Trailer, I feel that it would appeal to any age group of student's that you're working with. Since it's using technology and student interest it can appeal to older student's, but still younger grades due to the theme you chose to showcase the Genius hour project. You did a great job making something like baking into a dramatic and engaging movie trailer with suspense!

  2. Erica,
    I really loved your video! I felt like it really conveyed your Genius Hour topic in a fun and engaging way. The audio and visual elements were also really engaging. I love how the music connected to the theme of your Genius Hour and the visuals complimented the music well. You also did a great job embedding your GH Movie Trailer page without overlapping any other areas of your blog. Overall, great job! You did a great job citing your music at the end as well.


  3. I enjoyed watching your movie trailer, it was very engaging and funny. I believe the trailer did convey the Genius hour project. You were trying to improve your baking.
    The trailer made good use of music and sound elements to engage the audience.
    You did a good job of not overlapping other areas of the blog. I don't believe their was any media that needed to be cited.

  4. Erica, I really enjoyed viewing your movie trailer! It was really cute and well done. I think that it conveyed your genius hour topic really well! I think you used the elements of iMovie really well, as the trailer looked very well done and was interesting to watch.
    Great job Erica!

  5. Erica, I enjoyed watching your trailer! The effects you used were really effective for enhancing your trailer. I really enjoyed that you gave your trailer a princess storyline, really made it more engaging! Good job, and good luck on the rest of your genius hour! I enjoy seeing all the baked goods you have made.

  6. Erica,

    Your movie trailer is really well done! I liked how you mixed the iMovie features like the text and music in with your own clips. Anyone visiting this page would know exactly what your Genius Hour project is about, since you have provided a great description of the video too. Great job!

  7. Erica,

    I loved your movie trailer! The iMovie theme that you used really made your video effective and cohesive. You did a great job conveying what your project was about, and I appreciated the in-depth description you prefaced your trailer with. Can you bake me some cheesecake?? :)

  8. Hi Erica, I thought your genius hour movie trailer was super cute and really well done. I really enjoyed watching it and I think your Genius Hour trailer did a very good job of getting your message across of what you were doing for your genius hour! I think the storyline and the mix of fairy tale clips with your actual footage really helped make the trailer engaging! I also really like how you had credits at the end! Keep up the good work! -Catherine