Monday, 30 January 2017


Today in our technology class we used the resource Plickers. Plickers is a great resource that can be used to collect data about student's understanding of, or progression through a topic. To use Plickers, only the teacher requires an electronic device making it a go to even if your class does not have access to computers.

Plickers is used by giving each student a Plickers card. Students can then respond to questions by holding up their card in the direction that corresponds with their response. Using an electronic device the teacher can then scan the cards and receive data based on student responses. The following is an example of Plickers being used in a classroom.

One of the ways we discussed using Plickers in class was as a formative assessment tool in which teachers could gain valuable data about how their students are feeling about a particular topic. This data would be useful in determining if more time is needed on a topic, or if the class is ready to move on. Plickers is a low stakes way for students to give this information as only the teacher can view student responses.

Another way Plickers could be used effectively in the classroom would be to collect information about student's 'invisible backpacks' at the beginning of each day. Teachers could ask a simple question of their students using Plickers such as:

How are you feeling today?
a) really great
b) pretty good
c) okay
d) worst day ever

Using this information teachers could then gain a sense of if any students may have something going on in their lives that could effect their behaviour or ability to engage during the school day. Using this information teachers could also offer to talk with students who may be having a bad day to see what might help them get through the school day.

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