Monday, 27 February 2017

Doug Peterson's Digital Citizenship Web Resources for Teachers

The article 18 Incredible Digital Citizenship Web Resources for Teachers by Doug Peterson is packed full of tools that we as educators can use to foster digital citizenship amongst our students. Doug identifies digital citizenship as the process of shifting the responsibility to our students and giving them agency and responsibility over their own learning.

Doug also identifies some guidelines for digital citizenship including respect for self, responsibility for self, respect for others, responsibility for others, respect for property, and responsibility for property. I feel that using these guidelines can be a great start to addressing digital citizenship with your students. By instilling these guidelines in our students we help to contribute to a positive digital community.

Doug also provides links to 18 valuable resources to assist with the teaching and learning of digital citizenship. One of the resources that I am most excited to try out is the Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup by edutopia. This resource provides a collection of articles, videos, and other online resources that can be used to teach internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, as well as digital and media literacy. As a beginning teacher I will keep this resource in my back pocket as I embark on occasional teaching. This website could be a great 'go to' for any age group to address these topics in a meaningful and engaging way with students.

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